A Buzz in the Air

Launching Weatherbee Talent Group has been the most invigorating professional endeavor of my life. Putting together an organization poised to provide a best practices approach to both clients and talent was not without a fair number of challenges. But now that we have built Weatherbee and are on the precipice of our first day of business, I pause in order to recognize the pillars of inspiration that guided the creation of this company.

The renowned PR agencies I have been lucky enough to be part of, Weber Shandwick, Golin, Rogers & Cowan, and Cone Communications, have all offered unique, exciting workplaces full of supremely talented people doing creative, important work. I have long admired organizations that trumpet an entrepreneurial culture, as I feel that giving employees the freedom to connect with the business and help drive and innovate it is the key to success and continued relevance in the marketplace. All of these organizations have rewarded growth activities and perhaps no agency champions entrepreneurialism better than my most recent employer, Allison+Partners. Working in an environment where there is not only a sense of comradery but also a staff rewarded for having boundless ambition is inspiring and it rubbed off on me in a real way. Clearly, I have my past employers to thank for shaping me and for showing me that a fearlessness to follow one’s passions is what it’s all about.

The professional network I have built during my years in recruitment within the PR and marketing industries is extensive. But, what inspires me is not the sheer number of folks I have connected with and interact with regularly but the quality of those people. To be clear, I’m not referring to the quality of their PR or marketing skills, but to the quality of their character. Those involved in this business are not only highly ethical but tend to be renaissance people. They are highly adept at their profession and also loving spouses, parents, and partners with myriad interests outside of work, enthusiasm to volunteer and give back to their communities, and a group who respect their fellow man and human rights fervently. It’s these impressive professionals who really drove me to create Weatherbee Talent Group.

My late Mom, Cilla Weatherbee, was an award-winning real estate broker. She wrote hand written notes to her buyers and sellers, she committed to their needs, and she loved every minute of a deal.  She showed me what client service is and how to build a business with integrity and focus. Not to mention her brand building skills were tremendous. Her tagline, “Weather you’re buying or selling, call Cilla Weatherbee” is pure genius. She lives on in my heart and soul and she will make sure I build Weatherbee Talent Group the right way. And just to keep her on my good side, I am launching Weatherbee Talent Group on her 68th birthday as a tribute to her and all that she means to me.

I understand that creating the most reputable, results-oriented executive search firm in the industry will take loads of effort and good old-fashioned hard work. But, I am bolstered in this exciting new chapter by my business partner and wife, Brooke Casey, steering the business operations and motivating me every day. To be working together with her brilliant mind and her ability to bring a vision to life is exhilarating. I also want to acknowledge that the strategic support from my father, Steve Weatherbee, and the consistently spot-on business counsel of my father-in-law, Pat Casey, have been instrumental in my decision to create the firm. Knowing that they believe in me has made all the difference. Further, knowing that our families and close friends are rooting for our success is strengthening. I am so excited to say, boosted by this amazing community, we are buzzing and ready to fly Weatherbee Talent Group to amazing heights.

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