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Moving forward, I intend to use this blog as a place where I outline trends and give more professional insights into the marketplace. Please forgive another more introspective post, but, I have been asked by several people how the day-to-day is going and what the experience has been like to take the risk/leap (depending how you look at it) of starting a business and to start a business with my spouse (read: are you both nuts?)

I’m really excited to say that business is off to a strong start and I am very pleased with the caliber of both clients and talent in the Weatherbee universe.

We are currently recruiting for roles covering the entire spectrum of PR and digital marcom experience levels in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, NYC, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, and Singapore.

When I mention to folks how well things are going, one of the more common (and natural) questions they pose is, “Don’t you wish you had started it five years ago?” At first blush the answer is yes, of course, if I knew I could be the President of my own firm, working with stellar clients and building a proper business with my amazing wife, Brooke, the answer is that I should have done it a long time ago.

But the truth is, I would never have been able to do this five years ago. To have the network, amazing professional experiences to draw upon, as well as the confidence and self-discipline to take the leap, Weatherbee would not be buzzing as it is. So, the timing is actually perfect.

The other thing people ask about is working with my spouse. It still is a unique dynamic to work with your life partner and adjusting to being business partners has had its share of painful moments. She hates the way I type and thinks that I talk too loudly when I am on the phone. And I’m trying to adjust to having a drill sergeant with a running mental list of all the tasks I haven’t gotten to yet (including this blog post, which I am told is six weeks overdue)…but, there are mostly good moments where our strengths have worked in great concert and she’s given me just the right piece of guidance or the perfect solution to an issue. In fact, she’s negotiated two of our most important deals so far.

We are realizing this is a very unique situation and there are pitfalls; for example I need to be very careful not to talk about the business every second of the day especially around the kids.

But beyond a doubt, we are so pleased with how things are going with Weatherbee and are grateful for all the support the business has received from professional connections, friends, and family alike.

Know that we are intent on building and developing Weatherbee in the right way and are always looking to connect with clients offering tremendous career opportunities and with especially talented professionals.

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